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News Update (Nov 25, 2019): Locations

We take a tour of the diverse locations you'll find in Middle-earth.

Hello fellow Free Folk!

From dark, cold, Goblin-infested towers to enchanting sun-bathed riverbanks, The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game takes you to many places in Middle-earth. Here are some of the places we have visited so far:


The treacherous thin ice of the Sirros covers a massive tributary to the legendary river Anduin, up north. You'll have to cross it if you attempt The King of Carrion Encounter.


The beautiful but perilous Misty Mountains are inhabited by many creatures, including the Stone Giants who battle against one another regularly, creating thunderous rumbling earthquakes. If you play the Encounter A Feast for Trolls, you'll need to venture into this rugged range.


The gigantic gate of Gundabad, which was formerly a Dwarven stronghold, is now claimed by the Orcs. In the Gundabad Awoken Encounter, you will need to find a way into this stronghold of the enemy to learn their secrets.

Despite the Orcs' presence, the mines inside remain crafted to perfection by the Dwarves who once lived there.


Also to be feared is the dark forest of Mirkwood and its voracious spiders. From the tutorial Prelude Campaign to both The Shadow's Reach and The Shadow's Fall Campaigns, you'll find the beginning to many Quests in these woods—and your end, if you're not careful.


There also, deep within southern Mirkwood, lies probably the darkest, most dangerous of them all—the mines of Nibin-dûm, filled with Goblins and Orcs! This grim destination awaits as one of the Quests in The Shadow's Fall Campaign.

What's your favorite place in Middle-earth?

Perhaps someplace a bit more welcoming? Personally, we'd love to pay a visit to Lothlórien Elves or to have a pint of lager at The Prancing Pony!

—Asmodee Digital and FFI