Fantasy Flight Interactive

Announcing Fantasy Flight Interactive

A New Studio Dedicated to Digital Games

Today, we’re announcing an exciting new venture that branches off into previously uncharted territory. Fantasy Flight Interactive is a brand-new studio, based out of Madison, Wisconsin that’s devoted to delivering the Fantasy Flight Games experience across digital platforms.

While Fantasy Flight Games has created digital games in the past, they have, by and large, been hybrid titles, like Mansions of Madness Second Edition, or 1-for-1 adaptions, such as Battlelore: Command. Fantasy Flight Interactive—or FFI—was built on the shoulders of these successes, but with a different mission. We want to bring the Fantasy Flight Games philosophy—deep, immersive systems backed by meticulous design and packaged in a highly polished presentation—to digital platforms.

We’re a pretty small operation here at FFI. There are four of us at our offices in Madison, Wisconsin, and we’re all here because we have a passion for Fantasy Flight Games titles. We’re fans, first and foremost, and we’re interested in bringing the games we want to play to life.

We come from diverse backgrounds that include experience in both tabletop and AAA video games. With Fantasy Flight Interactive, we plan to marry those experiences to produce games unlike anything else on the market.

We’re working closely with the designers, artists and other talented people at Fantasy Flight Games, but our decisions are made independently. You can think of us as sister studios. Our existence won’t interfere with the production of your favorite tabletop games from Fantasy Flight Games, but we’ll still be working closely and drawing on each others’ experience to make the most engaging games possible.

Also, you can still expect to see titles from FFG like Mansions of Madness Second Edition that explore the intersection of board games and digital media—Fantasy Flight Games will continue to produce these titles independent of Fantasy Flight Interactive.

Our first title will be exciting for longtime fans: The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game. It’s a free-to-play digital adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, reinvented for play on PC. We’re thrilled to create and play in Middle-earth, and we believe this game will offer an experience that’s completely unique, for digital or physical card game players. You can read more about this upcoming game here.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have a lot to share, both on The Lord of the Rings Living Card Gameand our plans for the future of Fantasy Flight Interactive. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for further updates, or check back here for more articles and videos.